Positivity – focus on what you can control, rather then what you cannot.
Why invest our thoughts, emotion and time on something we cannot control? Instead, let’s try to focus on our mindset, our health and fitness; the things we do have control over.
Focus on the positive.
To keep you going, below are 4 tips to stay active in self isolation:

Create your own workout space
Fortunately, a workout can make use of any environment and space no matter the circumstances. From press ups using a wall, to band work in the garden; star jumps on the landing to a full workout in your spare room – whatever the need, space is always available!

Pick up from gym equipment essentials
Own the time to get motivated. YouTube is a fantastic platform for inspiration. From full workouts to 15 minute exercise blasts, aerobics to Zumba, Pilates to yoga – it has every exercise move you need. Better still, it offers tutorials for using ‘home-based’ exercise equipment. My favourite is kettlebells!

Stay in touch with your Trainer
This will help you stay accountable, on track and guided by a professional who will know when to push and when to be at ease. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your workouts with the equipment you have access to.

Stick to a schedule.
When you’re in your home environment, around your family, pets, children and/or house mates, it’s easy to get distracted. Stick to a schedule just like you did when you were attending gym. It can be as easy or as complex as you have time for! Routine, routine, routine!

It’s very easy to fall into a trap of becoming fatigued, napping all day, snacking and quite bluntly, enjoying the LAZY train! We’ve all done it, but let’s try to avoid that happening with our current situation in the world.

Here’s are a few ideas to fight the ‘Lazy Phase’ and find motivation in the smallest of tasks:

Remember that it’s a job
When someone asked what you’ve been up to, instead of replying ‘nothing but surfing Netflix’, try stimulating your thought process by outlining even the most mundane of tasks such as ‘I’ve been working out’, ‘I’ve managed the house’, ‘I’ve tried cooking a new dish’, I’ve competed a workout and ‘I’ve found a new way to entertain the kids’. You’ll be amazed how much you will have to say that doesn’t involve the word ‘virus’ in the conversation!

Start each day with a similar routine
Whether it is working out, reading a book, going for a walk, or simply showering and getting dressed, find a routine to separate out the days!  Try to isolate the weekend as a time to work out, entertain, play, or even, relax – this will keep that ‘weekend feeling’ rolling no matter the circumstance.

​Find inspiration
Inspiration can be found in the smallest of spaces. From a motivational podcast to that new book that has gathered dust on your bookshelf, a YouTube video to an inspirational quote, utilise the resources that you have easy access to!

Don’t get discouraged

It’s easy to become demotivated when you spend hours scrolling through ‘Instagram influencers’ that make you realise how far away you are. Don’t be fooled. You do you! That’s their job. Put Instagram down. Step away from social and instead use your Search Engines to find tips for exercising and motivating yourself at home.

Together, we’ve got this!