Good for your body, great for your mind
Who says exercise must be stationary and confined to a gym? By combining your favourite workout with an exciting destination not only alleviates stress from everyday life but radically invigorates your body and mind.

From running a home to raising children, work demands to life in general, just managing everyday life can be exhausting. Needing that escapism or that time to hand over control to another can be the most self-gratifying experience you never knew you needed.

And what better way to do this then kick-starting those serotonin hormones in your body that controls your mental state of mind, and in a location that evokes motivation and stimulation.

From trekking in one of the UK’s glorious country-sides to running on an American beach time wonders; exploring a yoga retreat for the weekend to a six-day swim safari in Crete, expand your options and hit 2020 with motivation and inspiration by your side.


You may think of walking holidays as gentle strolls through the rolling countryside but include the word ‘trekking’ and it will blow your mind with opportunities.

From Novice to Pro, Machu Picchu to Kilimanjaro, there is a trek for everyone, and the sights are endless. Climb thousands of meters, push through the strong winds, and have a cheeky pit stop at the local, challenge yourself this year with gentle to extreme trekking trips that will combine adventure with your ambling.

Find your inner adventurer and check out these 37 top destinations to trek to at Wanderlust


For a low impact activity that packs a multitude of mental and physical health benefits, you can’t do much better than take a swim. It’s also an activity that is accessible to a broad range of age groups and requires the minimum of kit to participate.

Whether you’re looking for a sea ‘safari’ of wildlife exploration to wild swimming experiences in the fjords of Oman, here is a tantalising selection of swimming holidays to pique your water bravery:

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Beach yoga

No longer the sole preserve of well-tanned Californians, beachside yoga is enjoying special popularity among travellers, day-trippers and globe-trotters alike. Perhaps it’s the soothing lull of those waves crashing against the shoreline or the bliss gained from relaxing under a golden sun- beach yoga is the ultimate in wellbeing experiences to savour on your travels.

Feel bendy? Get your retreat fantasy here: (and… breathe).


What better way to see the true colours of your destination than to go running to explore your location? Running abroad can be a very budget-friendly way of touring and finding your bearings.

Whether you’re looking for a race experience, or just to immerse yourself into the local culture, the endorphins you’ll generate through this more strenuous form of exercise will be a reward in themselves. However, you will also definitely be able to justify that extra-large ice-cream at the end of it without a sign of guilt!

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