This week I posted in our StrongGirl community group on Facebook about why we attend the gym. From health reasons to socialising, physical ideals to mental stimulation – the list is long, but fundamentally, we all have an overarching goal as to why we attend gyms.

More importantly, we can all agree that it has a profound impact on us psychologically. That hour or so we spend within those four sweaty walls becomes our haven to switch off, escape from everyday stress, and focus on just yourself.

It’s the sweet release from normality and boy, do we miss it.

However, just because the gym is closed, doesn’t mean your ‘you time’ has to evaporate. Little ones may follow you to the toilet, washing may be piling up, you may be inundated with Zoom calls but that ‘you time’ is still reachable (and doable), and here is how you can escape the insane:

The perfect spot: Find an area in the house, garden or shed that you can swing your arms around freely and without beheading anyone in the process. This will become your ‘you time’ spot so make it count.

Timing: Choose a time that you can stick to. Easier said than done? Think about when the house is the busiest and the quietest, when you feel ready to jump and ready to mong. Your body will soon adapt to the routine – all you need to do is choose the time!

Play that tune: Music is the key to the heart. From ear pods to Alexa speakers, put on your favourite tune, rock out the oldies, and watch your motivation peak a hundred-fold. Why not try creating a playlist of those all-time gym classics!

Circle time: Children are curious. Always will be. So why not make them a part of your routine. They’ll laugh, they’ll fall over, they’ll jump to their own beat – make it a time for bonding and crazy videos that you can speed up afterwards – a memory you’ll love to reminisce over.

Flour & sugar: Great weights believe it or not (put them in a bag to save your house from becoming misty!). The home has a fantastic collection of wannabe weights – use what you have and have fun with them.

Be creative: Make your daily outing an opportunity to do military style running (knees up, left and right movements), fast and slow walking, and not forgetting walking lunges – also a great way to bring a smile to a stranger’s face!

Distractions: Embrace them and change them to work for you. From the fridge to work schedules, children to nagging spouses, think about how they can help you get your ‘you-time’. Talk to them, set yourself reward goals, schedule work calls for a set period of time – make your distractions work for you.

Something different: Make ‘you time’ a chance to do something different. From an online class to a 90s hip hop video, 20 minutes of yoga to twerk classes; exercise to a different rhythm – you never know what gems you’ll uncover in the process.

These surreal times may be difficult to adapt too but they are not impossible. We work with what we have, we support each other, we laugh together, and we find ways to make the most of the time we have together and collectively.

We may be isolated, but it doesn’t mean we cannot have fun in the process (and get that psychological haven gyms give us!).

Keep going ladies, now is your time to develop a routine that works for you!