Travelling Solo

So, I am writing this blog from sunny Tenerife. I have decided to come on a solo trip for the first time – I’ve been longing to do this for a while and I thought this was the perfect place after coming here with family a handful of times. This was the perfect opportunity to FINALLY get some time just for me, after what has been a crazy year and a half.

Everything has been super fast-paced back at home with work, lockdowns and restrictions. At home, I also have other holidays booked (with friends, which would mean the holiday is a lot more wild), social events with friends and absolutely no ‘me time’ in sight at all.

I find that to really get some time for me, I have to take myself away from all distractions. I am far too easily influenced and undisciplined to say no. However, when I take myself out of that environment, somewhere I know there will be no distractions – tada, I have some me time!

I’ve also learnt from being around such a mixed group of friends and family, who also have busy lives – if I wait for others, I’ll never go anywhere. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own happiness. Up until now, this isn’t something I have allowed for, so, here I am, going solo and doing me!

I have found it scary travelling alone, especially as I have never done it before. But, to me, growing old without experiencing everything you want from life is even scarier.

You’re never alone when you travel, I found that out as soon as I got on my flight. I have to admit I was worried that if I didn’t travel with friends or family, I’d be alone. But it turns out you make so many friends on the road, which definitely wouldn’t have happened if I was with other people.

I’ve also found that it has been a great way to learn how to survive with no one else having your back, who to trust and how to find your way around.

For me personally, the greatest reward of solo travel is personal growth. Being on my own is a true test, seeing as every single day I am surrounded by people, whether that be friends, clients, gym members or my housemate.  So learning to become a little more independent, confident, and in tune with my emotions is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone.

I think it really hits you when you wake up and it’s just you. It’s up to you and only you to decide what you want to do, where you want to go and when you want to do it. In that moment of freedom, you really find yourself. You can test your limits of what you like and don’t like, there’s no one to pull you in any direction or override your reasons. Want an ice cream? Get an ice cream. Want to leave a bar? Leave. Want to sleep? Sleep all day girl. The world is your oyster!

However, I do understand that travelling solo isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have the confidence, maybe you’re not sure where to start, or you may even just be the kind of person who loves home. But, some advice from someone who is experiencing it right now as you read, travelling alone is a true way to find yourself, overcome battles mentally and become more independent.

I really would recommend that everyone tries out a solo trip at least once; whether that be a weekend away, a two-week holiday or 6 months of travelling to numerous countries. You won’t regret it!

I wanted to end on some top tips that I have picked up from this trip so that if you do decide to go for it you are prepared. Here goes:

  1. Understand and know your strengths: Play these to your advantage and get a head start on finding confidence in a few things.
  2. Be aware of safety: As much as you may think you can hold your own, and make the right choices and decisions, everyone is still a stranger to you. You are thousands of miles away from friends and family and what you know as normal.
  3. Learn the lingo: It’s definitely worth making the effort to learn a few words and phrases. I can tell you it definitely makes ordering a cocktail so much more fun!
  4. Don’t hide: You have the chance to really take in your surroundings, meet other travellers and locals along the way. Be content in your own company, but confident enough to introduce yourself to people when you want to socialise.
  5. Take pictures: This is such an important time in your life. Never forget the memories and trips that allowed you to grow as a person.
  6. Stay somewhere with multiple positive ratings: You need to know you can trust where you’re staying and reviews are the best way to find out.
  7. Stay somewhere with free wi-fi: It’s good to stay in touch with those back home, as well as keep up to date with the real world. Also, Netflix is key.

So, that’s it from me! I really hope you take something from this blog and begin to plan your solo trip to become the very best version of you, in so many ways.


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