Golden Hour


Sun… Good or bad?

You’ve heard it enough.. sunburns and skin cancer are very much real threats. So yes, whack that SPF on kids.

However, there are also so many positive effects of sun exposure. Soaking up some sunlight and catching some rays can do wonders for you.

Here are four key benefits that the sun can do for your mental and physical health almost instantly.

  1. Get your dose of VitD

The sun is the best natural source of this vitamin, which is also very hard to come by in natural food sources. It only takes 5-15 minutes of sunlight a few times a week to notice a difference. Get outside and expose yourself to direct sun on your arms and face to soak up this necessary vitamin. Vitamin D promotes reduced inflammation and modulates cell growth. It’s needed for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth as it helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. As well as this, it helps support the proper functioning of muscles. Just remember to use sunscreen.


  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Heard of Nitric Oxide? Well, this helps brings down blood pressure and improves heart health. Once that sunlight hits, our body releases Nitric Oxide. Maintaining healthy blood pressure can reduce your risks of cardiac disease and stroke. Feelings of relaxation may also naturally bring down blood pressure, so boosting your happiness by soaking up rays also aids in keeping your pressure down kids.

  1. An Instant Mood Changer

Researchers at BYU found more mental health distress in people during seasons with little sun exposure. On the contrary, days with plenty of sunshine were associated with better mental health. The availability of sunshine has more effect on mood than rainfall, temperature, or any other environmental factor.

Feel SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Getting some sun increases your serotonin and helps people with anxiety and depression, especially in combination with other treatments.

  1. Higher Quality Sleep

That mood improver hormone we were just talking about? Serotonin does more than boost your mood. It might also help you get more restful sleep at night. Another key hormone that works hand in hand with serotonin to help promote sleep function is melatonin. The sun also helps your body produce this hormone too! Who would have thought aye!

Suffering from insomnia? Try to stick to traditionally light and dark cycles, getting sunlight during the day so you can catch some zzz’s at night.

Soo Soak up that Sun Safely

Stephie x

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The reality of coming out of lockdown

StrnGrl Fitness Steph Hey Kids, 

It’s been a while – but I am back on it with the blog posts!

With the craziness of the last year and a half, and things FINALLY starting to settle down, I thought it was about time I spoke to you all again to explain exactly what has been going down at STRNGRL. 

So when lockdown hit back in March last year, I had to realign my strategy completely, everything had to be online, and this was something I had never done before, but I gave it my best shot. 

I was still busy, considering the situation we were in. I was lucky enough to be still working a few days a week with a handful of clients, preparing and posting my online content, and also resting a lot more than normal. 

However, fast forward a year and a half, and I am the BUSIEST I have ever been! I am so proud to say I am now at full capacity with my 1-2-1 clients, the demand for my semi-private weights and boxing classes is HUGE, and our latest BOOTYCAMP is at full capacity with 35 ladies smashing it every week, getting super fit and strong! 

I am extremely grateful to be so busy, but I have to admit I have struggled getting back to normality. I am forever chasing my tail and creating endless to-do lists every day. I think the hardest part is that 4 months ago I was watching a whole Netflix series in a week!

Has anyone else been finding it difficult? Maybe it’s getting back into a new routine after such a long time off? Maybe it’s going back to work full time, and trying to juggle travel, a social life and getting to the gym 3-4 times a week?

So, how do we manage this? I am guilty of not giving myself enough time off, infact twiddling my thumbs throughout lockdown was not what I would call fun. I love being busy and working full days – but with this comes a lot of organisation and TIME OUT needed – this is so important!

In the whirlwind rush of getting back to a ‘normal’ life, please don’t forget YOUR time, you need time to yourself to recover and refresh. Going from 0 to 100 in such a short space of time, is never going to end well. So, here I am, telling you from experience, TAKE YOUR REST and thank me later. 

This is soo important for many reasons.

Heal your body – The human body is built to thrive in a series of short sprints. This is why taking a break, even only for a few minutes, can offer you the refresh you need to persevere through your day.

Decrease Stress levels – During stress, your body experiences fight or flight, heightening your senses due to perceived danger. You may experience an increased heart rate and blood pressure during this state, slowed digestive functioning, increased hormone levels and other responses. 

Resting activates the parasympathetic nervous system—the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, which is the flight-or-fight response, to help calm senses.

Boosts Creativity – When you take time to rest and relax, you are naturally more creative. Time off helps you refill your reserves. 

Improves Productivity – Similar to other muscles, your brain is less functional when it’s fatigued. You’re always more productive after a restful period.

Please keep checking back here for more updates on my blog, I am going to be writing a lot more content for you all to enjoy and hopefully learn from. 

Speak to you all soon. Stephie x 

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